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The Female Athlete

Our team is passionate about supporting young ladies in the Sea-to-Sky to develop strong foundations. It’s important to understand how a female athlete’s pelvic health and physical health affects her core development. In young children and teens, urinary leaking, constipation, fecal leaks, and back pain are hints there is something going on in the pelvis. Our goal is to help developing young girls understand their body, help regulate their menstrual cycles, and improve any leaking that is happening. We want to empower girls and help them gain understanding and confidence in their own developing bodies:

  • Hip and Core Strengthening Programs (Group and Individual sessions available) 

  • Pelvic Health Physio (leaks, pain, incontinence) 

  • Back Pain / SI Joint Pain 

  • High-Intensity Training Support 

  • Headaches / Neck Pain 

  • Thoracic Mobility

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