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Provide BIG multidisciplinary health-care services to SMALL mountain towns and provide a place where little bodies can build strength, recover from injury, and embrace a healthy lifestyle! 


Groms Physio + Co provides paediatric-specific health care services, for kids looking to reach the next level! 


  • Empower all kids to develop positive relationships with their bodies and movement through FUNctional physio! 

  • Help kids build strong, adaptable foundations in their movement skills!

  • Collaborate with the community and contribute positively to the globe!

  • Provide high quality health care services just for GROMS!

Our Community and Environment
Protect what you love

This goes for our bodies, but also our world. We’re a generation that’s witnessing the changing climate, and we must act now and together to protect this amazing planet. The health-care industry is one of the leading global consumers of medical single use plastics (m-SUP). It’s in our culture to protect our playground. Being environmentally conscious and community focused are a big part of our core values, and what powers our business practice. We commit to do the following: 

Waste & Water
We are striving for 85% of our systems to be paperless (including invoices, client charts, exercise handouts, utility bills, pay stubs, memos and bank statements). Reusable dishware and water bottles are used in place of disposable cups, plates and cutlery. All food waste is composted.  All recyclable items are recycled appropriately (soft plastics, paper, electronics, glass, etc). Tap water is used instead of bottled water. 


Bike parking for staff and clients. We encourage our staff to commute by bike, walking, transit, or carpooling as much as possible. 

Equipment and Products

Second-hand toys, equipment, furniture and appliances are used to reduce purchasing new items with excess packaging. For non-medical items, no single use products purchased for staff and client use (e.g. coffee cartridges, sugar packages, stir sticks). 100% of cleaning products are eco-friendly. Choosing stationary supplies that are made from recycled material. If you would like to donate equipment to our company, please contact!


GROMS Physio + Co welcomes all clients, families, and practitioners from various genders, abilities, races, sexual orientations, ethnicities and backgrounds. Each person has a story, and it’s our goal to include and respect each individual’s journey as we provide holistic, inclusive care. 


The team at GROMS Physio + Co would like to acknowledge that we live, work and play on the unceded traditional territory of the Squamish Nation, St'át'imc Nation Coast Salish Peoples. Hych’ka. Thank you.

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