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Complete Concussions is a global network of trained and experienced concussion clinicians. Many of our practitioners at Groms Physio + Co are certified to treat concussions in kids. Whether you need a baseline concussion test, a return to school, work, or sport strategy, or treatment for ongoing symptoms, we can help!

  • Concussion Assessment and Treatment 

    • New evidence shows rest is no longer best for concussion recovery, and that early diagnosis is the best predictor for the concussion recovery. Prolonged concussion symptoms can delay recovery and create a complex clinical picture that is best managed with specially-trained and experienced clinicians. The Groms Physio + Co team is part of the largest global provider of concussion treatment and rehabilitation, specific for kids! Book a post-concussion assessment today for your child to support their recovery and get them back to what they love doing!

  • Baseline Testing

    • Baseline Testing is a series of physical and cognitive tests that measure healthy brain function before the start of a sport season. Having an individual’s baseline brain function data can help clinicians make safer return to school and return to play decisions. Many youth sports organizations in Canada are now mandating annual concussion baseline testing for the duration of the sport season. Ensure your child is getting the most up-to-date and evidence based care, by ensuring their baseline test is up to date!

  • Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS) Rehabilitation 

    • There are a number of reasons a concussion might have delayed recovery. Correctly identifying and specifically treating concussion symptoms can be a game-changer in concussion recovery. Our skilled clinicians are trained to look at your child’s individual presentation, and tailor a program specific to their own needs, helping to correct those prolonged symptoms. 

  • Coach and Trainer Education and Certification Support 

    • We want to support the local Sea-to-Sky community by providing education and support for Sports Organizations and Clubs on Concussion awareness and management. 

    • The Complete Concussions Sideline course is designed to equip coaches, teachers and community members with a basic understanding of what a concussion is, how to recognize them, and how to safely manage a concussed athlete back to the classroom and back to sport!  The course will also teach you how to utilize the Concussion Tracker smartphone application, which provides seamless communication between sports teams, schools, parents, and child’s medical team so everyone is up to date on the athlete’s progress.  

    • We want to ensure all coaches and trainers in the Sea-to-Sky have access to up-to-date concussion information, as well as how to identify a potential concussion in a practice or games. Coaches and trainers can use our Groms Physio + Co discount code (GPCSBC) to take the Complete Concussions Sideline Course, to learn more!

  • About CCMI 

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