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You might think what is a grom?

The word “grom” originates from the word grommet, and generally refers to a young athlete who’s just getting started in a sport.


This term has been adopted by the entire Australian surf community to refer to kid surfers, and over the past decade the word has morphed into a term used to describe the most elite kid-athletes. Groms exhibit superior athletic ability, immense amounts of passion for the sport and relentless dedication, developing their own unique “blood”.  Kid-athletes from other sports around the world who also exemplified these blood-line characteristics have started to use this word as well. It’s now common to hear the term grom being tossed around ski hills, mountain bike trails, and in places that allow kids to shine! Groms live their life working to catch the next wave, shred the next line, and chase life. They are usually super chill and positive, they like to encourage their friends, but they’re also wildly competitive!

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