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Pediatric Massage Therapy

Children benefit from massage therapy in the same way adults do for certain conditions, recovering from injuries as well as for overall health. Some examples of pediatric conditions that benefit from massage include sports injuries, general growth and development (including “growing pains”, Scoliosis, Osgood Schlatters Disease), stress and anxiety, sleep disturbances and for general posture and well-being. Our therapists have the knowledge and skill to treat infants and youth, including those with special needs. Appointments will include, movement, assessment, stretch as well as hands on treatment, with a focus on education, empowerment and body awareness.

Our Massage therapist can also provide pre and post natal massage therapy for Moms. There are many benefits for pre and post natal massage that can include reducing stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression, relieving muscle aches and joint pain, improving labour outcomes and newborn health, helping with hormone regulation which improves overall mood and cardiovascular health as well as decreases stress, reduces swelling and improves circulation, improves nerve pain, and can help to improve sleep!”

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