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Pediatric Pelvic Floor

Pelvic Floor Physio for kids is different to traditional pelvic floor physio for adults! Did you know that 1 in 4 kids struggle with constipation (and the tummy pain that comes with it!), and that 1 in 10 kids deal with urinary incontinence! That means there are other kids in a child’s class or team that are also dealing with this. The challenge is very few people are comfortable talking about it. One of the biggest ideas our team is passionate about educating kids and families about, is that kids don’t often “grow out of it”, they just get better at hiding it. We want kids to learn that it’s not their fault, that it does happen to others, and that it can be fixed! Our therapists can help kids with the following:

  • Pediatric Bladder Incontinence (Enuresis) 

  • Pediatric Bowel Incontinence (Encorporesis)

  • Nighttime Bed Wetting (Nocturnal Enuresis) 

  • Toilet Training Support 

  • Overactive Bladder

  • Urge/Stress Incontinence 

  • Dysfunctional Voiding (withholding)

  • Pelvic Pain in Young Female Athletes 

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