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Pre-Season and Prehab Training

Building strength and control on top of a solid foundation is essential for any athlete, especially kid-athletes! Thinking proactively and addressing concerns before the season starts can help decrease risk of bigger injuries, and improve overall performance. Check out all the ways we can support young athlete in developing strong foundations, and decreasing the risk for injuries below: 

  • Sport-Specific Training Programs 

    • Mountain Biking

    • Skiing

    • Snowboarding

    • Backcountry Skiing

    • Rock Climbing

    • Cross Country Skiing

    • Rapid Recovery (Reboot, Reset) Program 

  • Group Foundation Classes 

  • Individualized Injury Prevention Program

  • Personal Training 

  • Prehab Training (coordination, agility, power, mobility/flexibility, core training, posture/running form)

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