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Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Katrina relocated to the Sea to Sky region more than two decades ago. As a professional mountain biking athlete and brand ambassador, she has proudly represented Canada at prestigious events like the Downhill World Championships and various international competitions, including the Enduro World Series and multi-day stage races. Furthermore, she has gained recognition as a renowned mountain bike coach, contributing significantly to the success of numerous riders and athletes. 


Following her completion of a Human Kinetics degree at the University of British Columbia and her acquisition of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist credentials from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, she embarked on a career of training athletes across a spectrum of skill levels, from recreational to elite and aspiring individuals in diverse sports. 


In November 2017, Katrina welcomed her daughter, Anna into the world. It was during this period that she realized the scarcity of available support and information for pregnant and postpartum women seeking to maintain or resume their fitness routines. Additionally, her exploration of resources for perimenopausal and menopausal women revealed an alarming lack of guidance. To address these gaps, Katrina pursued certifications related to women's health and fitness, fueling her dedication to aiding and training these underrepresented populations as they navigate their unique journeys. 


Her approach goes beyond simply ‘strength and conditioning coach’. She steps into the roles of mentor and educator, aiming to empower individuals with hope, confidence, and resilience. The learning experiences she provides, whether through training, coaching, or instruction, are designed to enrich your toolkit beyond the physical realm, enabling you to tap into your inherent strength and potential, both in the gym, in sport and in life. 

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