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Emma graduated with her physiotherapy degree from Karolinska institute in Sweden 2019. Her degree gave her a solid foundation of practical and theoretical knowledge, also allowing her to learn in Sweden and Australia during this time.


She has diverse experience working with patients of all ages in various public and private settings in Canada and Sweden. She has always been interested in helping women to achieve their optimal health - whether it is the young female athlete or pre- and post partum women. With children, she has always enjoyed helping them reach their full potential across the lifespan, with their specific goals in mind. Whether that be achieving developmental milestones, or improving on already solid foundations.


Emma’s treatments are goal driven and developed together with her patients. Her strategies include employing meaningful exercises, manual therapy techniques to help facilitate them, self-management strategies to optimise individual function, all while being in a fun and engaging activity.

She recently relocated to Squamish due to her love for the mountains and the ocean. In her spare time, you can find her on the mountains either hiking or snowboarding, in the ocean anywhere in the world on her surfboard, or in her backyard tendering to her garden with her husband and dog Otis.

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