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Teen Girls Fitness Class

Creating space in the community for kids to enjoy moving their bodies is part of our vision at Groms Physio + Co. When it comes to Teenage Girls, we want them to feel empowered moving their bodies, and also connect with other teen girls, in a strong, supportive environment. We’ve partnered with Wild Life Gym to offer girls ages 13-17 the opportunity to build roots, grow strong, make waves and move mountains in this performance strength and conditioning class. These girls will learn proper movement technique, form, and breath so they can unlock their potential for speed, balance, power, mobility, strength and agility. Each girl will have a specific, tailored exercise plan created by a physiotherapist at Groms and carried out by WildLife’s Fitness Coach. 

  • These classes run in blocks that are 4 consecutive weeks

  • $120 per block (includes 4 classes)

  • These classes have the option to be covered by extended health benefits: your teen must have had a recent physiotherapy assessment in the last 6 months at Groms Physio + Co. Please contact us to learn more.

There are many benefits of regular physical activity for teen girls: ​

  • Increased strength, stamina and flexibility 

  • Helps to maintain a healthy body weight

  • Improves overall fitness and heart health 

  • Decreases incidence of stress and depression 

  • Increases self-esteem 

  • Provides opportunity to build positive body image 

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